Surrounded by Science at SciComPt 2023

The annual congress of the SciComPt network was held in Bragan├ža, Portugal, from 3rd to 5th May 2023. This year’s edition gathered almost 200 participants from the community of science communicators and informal science educators operating in Portugal to discuss the latest trends, methodologies, and best practices. Around the theme “Transform”, SciComPt 2023 included two presentations of the Surrounded by Science project.

The first presentation, entitled “Strategic Communication in a European Project”, was given by Joana M. da Silva, NUCLIO‘s Communication Coordinator. In her presentation, she highlighted the various communication strategies and tactics employed by the project to engage with its target audience and disseminate its message effectively. She emphasized the importance of defining clear communication objectives and adapting the communication plan accordingly to ensure the project’s success.

Joana M. da Silva talking about “Strategic Communication in a European Project” at SciComPt 2023.
Sara Anjos presenting “Impact Assessment Methodologies and Tools” at SciComPt 2023.

In the second presentation, Sara Anjos, NUCLIO‘s project manager, focused on the project’s “Impact Assessment Methodologies and Tools”, discussing the various tools and methodologies used to assess the impact of informal science activities, both during and after their implementation, introducing a glimpse of the Science Chaser application, an important output of the project that will monitor user science-related activities and provide guidelines and recommendations for future related activities.

Both presentations were well received by the audience and prompted interesting discussions on the topics of strategic communication and impact assessment in science communication projects. Surrounded by Science‘s participation in the SciComPt 2023 congress highlights the commitment of the whole team to continuous learning and improvement and their dedication to sharing their knowledge and experience with the wider community.