Faculti platform Interviews Sherman Rosenfeld on Amplifying Informal Science Learning: Rethinking Research, Design, and Engagement

The importance of iSTEM learning, and its potentially disruptive effect on science education in general, is a hot topic in the academic world, and researchers are making a huge effort to transform it into a mainstream issue so that the debate can get to a public and political level.

In May, Daniel Schwartz from the Faculti platform interviewed Sherman Rosenfeld, a member of the Weizmann Institute and partner of the Surrounded by Science Project. Faculti is a platform founded in 2013 that gives access to thousands of interviews with prominent figures regarding the most up-to-date and cited topics in many different subjects.

Dr. Rosenfeld’s latest book, Amplifying Informal Science Learning: Rethinking Research, Design, and Engagement (Routledge, 2023), a collaborative effort with Dr. Judy Diamond, stands out for its unique approach to informal education and its nuances. This comprehensive work, which we’ve already covered in this article (link to the article, features 34 distinct articles penned by 70 different authors, all of which underscore the value of Informal Science Learning.

The interview started with the motivation that inspired the book, its structure, its possible audience, and its main topic, Informal Science Learning. Then, the discussion moved on to the potential future research in the field, and many different issues related to the Surrounded by Science project were mentioned. The talk also included topics such as open schooling, project-based learning, and the project itself. The basis of Surrounded by Science was explained, especially the concept of Science Proficiency and its 6 strands, and the interview concluded with the mention of the future goal of bridging the gap between formal and informal learning that will strongly enhance science learning for everyone.

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