Out-of-School Best Practices Roundtable Event on December 13
Start date: 13/12/2023
End date:13/12/2023

Prepare to delve into the innovative realm of out-of-school education as we gear up for an insightful roundtable event on December 13th, titled “Out-of-School Best Practices.” This anticipated gathering promises an exploration of effective educational strategies beyond conventional classroom settings.

The event is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of successful out-of-school learning methodologies. It will kick off with an overview of the initial project cycle’s results, offering a sneak peek into the groundwork, trends, and challenges encountered during the research process.

Following this, the spotlight will shift to the providers of case study activities. Several presenters will take centre stage to dissect the structural nuances and didactic methodologies embedded within their unique activities. Expect a deep dive into diverse approaches that engage learners outside the traditional educational landscape!

The event will also feature a lively discussion centred on identifying the most impactful key design characteristics. Providers will share their distinct criteria for defining and measuring effectiveness within their programmes, fostering an environment ripe for discussion and knowledge exchange.

The latter part of the session is reserved for an interactive forum, inviting audience participation through questions and observations. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with experts, share experiences, and cultivate a collaborative environment geared towards enhancing out-of-school education practices.

Join us on December 13th for an engaging and collaborative exploration of out-of-school best practice!. Be part of a dynamic exchange of ideas where diverse perspectives converge to shape the future of non-traditional learning experiences.

Save the date and be part of this enlightening roundtable event!