Autumn 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter!

Welcome to the crisp and colourful pages of the autumn edition of the Surrounded by Science newsletter! As the leaves begin their graceful descent, we find ourselves immersed in a season of change, reflection, and renewed vigour for the pursuit of knowledge. The Surrounded by Science project stands as a beacon of collaboration, uniting passionate minds in science education research and museum educators, outreach providers, and policymakers across Europe. Together, we embark on a journey to craft a systematic assessment methodology, poised to unveil the profound impact of out-of-school science activities.

Join us as we delve into the latest developments from the heart of this groundbreaking endeavour!

Surrounded by Science at the EARLI 2023

SbS reports back from the 2023 EARLI Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the theme “Education as a Hope in Uncertain Times”.

SbS at the “Mädchen, MINT und Making” Symposium

The Surrounded by Science project participated in the “Mädchen, MINT und Making” Symposium in Nürnberg, Germany!

Surrounded by Science Consortium Meeting in Athens

Read more about the SbS Consortium Meeting in Athens!

Amplifying Informal Science Learning: Rethinking Research, Design, and Engagement

SbS spoke with Sherman Rosenfeld, one of the editors of the book “Amplifying Informal Science Learning: Rethinking Research, Design, and Engagement”, and a Consortium member, to learn more about his opinions on Informal Science Learning.

Our recommendations of books, articles, podcasts and videos related to all things science education and learning.

What We Are Reading, Listening To & Watching #5

Here are our picks for you to get to know the Science of the Human Body.

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